Witness Camera

Single Lens Camera System designed to record the front of the vehicle, this compact camera is fitted to the windscreen of a vehicle to record the forward view of the journey.

Dual Lens Camera Systems are designed to record the forward view of the journey as well as the driver or passengers of the vehicle. Compact design takes minimum room and simple 'plug and play' software.

  • Event Recording when impact occurs while driving - the built in G-sensor detects this automatically and records the event
  • Normal recording function records all situations as high-quality images while driving
  • Parking recording function records situations if there is movement
  • Powerful GPS is embedded in the device records the vehicles speed and coordinates whenever recording is in progress
  • Sound Recording via a built in microphone so the surrounding sounds are also recorded along with the video scenes
  • High Resolution Images: H.264 compression, provides maximum high quality VGA (640x480) resolution and effective storage space
  • Play videos recorded on your notebook or PC using the dedicated software
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