Here at vehicle proximity cameras we have many years of experience in the vehicle safety market. Our approach is to help our customers, reduce the risk of collision and to give maximum fleet efficiency.

Our systems have been developed to the highest standards. They are robust and reliable, enabling the driver to manoeuvre with full confidence reducing accident damage, increasing pedestrian safety and saving the operators money.

Customer relationships are most important to us and we work to achieve the very best solutions for you. We are easy to do business with and would look forward to working with you.

Rotha McNulty, Director

The right solution for YOU

The VPC comprehensive range of visual safety systems helps with long distance driving and low speed manoeuvring to avoid accidents and injury.

Used successfully in all transport industries to help improve road safety they provide security for drivers and helps to manoeuvre with greater accuracy and awareness.

All systems are manufactured to the highest standards, backed up by a complete set of quality inspection equipment and management systems available on request.

What WE offer
  • Reversing Camera Systems
  • Proximity Systems
  • Stand-Alone trailer systems
  • Corner Detection Systems
  • Side Detection Systems
  • Left Hand Turning Warning System
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Witness Cameras
  • Vehicle CCTV
  • Sat Nav systems
  • Vehicle Tracking
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